Click in the drawing Area to specify the start point 3. I usually start the LINE command by typing L. Then I choose my starting point (using an object snap if it's not the first line of the drawing). To undo the previous line segment, enter u at the prompt. Start your line command and pick a start point. Let’s assume that we want to rotate the Spanner with reference to another line AB as shown in the drawing with Red colour. Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. In "Options / Angle", you can change the "Step / Angle", which affects Ortho; I use 15. RE: Draw a line at an angle CorBlimeyLimey (Mechanical) 19 Feb 12 18:44. You’ve seen how Polar Tracking lets you draw exact vertical and horizontal lines, You can also set Polar Tracking to draw lines to other angles, such as 30 or 45 degrees. Using Reference option. Do one of the following to specify the length: Move the cursor to indicate the direction and angle, and enter the length, for example 6.5. I would also like to be able to draw a line and then draw a line at a certain angle to the first line. Move the cursor to indicate the approximate angle. By default, a match line tool created that way will have the same layer key, layer overrides, symbol, line width, linetype, attribute text style, and attribute text angle as the original tool that was used to create the annotation symbol in the drawing. Select the first, and then the second line of the angle. Tell us about your issue and find the best support option. For the next point, enter the following value: @50.71'
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