Would love to visit! Such detail. You can travel by road or rail from Bangalore to Bijapur. I can imagine being freaked out the in Whispering Gallery, hearing all those noises! It is a mausoleum of King Adil Shahi. Sounds like an amazing place. This was supposed to be the Mausoleum for Ali Adil Shah and his wives, he wanted it to be an architectural wonder, par excellence. Some of the options to reach Belgaum or Bijapur could be by self-drive car or cab or bus. Wow!! Yes, this is one place, travelers should visit. Gol Gumbaz literally means ‘Circular Dome’. The king and Rambha would be on opposite sides of a wall they would discuss in the upper gallery. It has a huge circular dome above and it can be said that the name is … But the acoustics of the Mausoleum elevated him to the stature of a real rock star. Makes me hesitate of a 10-hour car ride from Bangalore thought…. I love the architecture of these buildings! Dabul, also known as Dabhol, is a small seaport town in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra, India. Follow our journey on our social media channels: What an great experience to be to listen to someone sing in the whispering gallery, such a great memory for you. I saw the young man with the rock star hairdo, strumming his guitar and singing in a rich baritone. Frequent auto-rickshaw or Tonga services are available from Bijapur and there are even bikes which can be hired from the bus stand on an hourly basis. I feel like I could have stayed there forever just listening to everyones echo. Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur Overview. This is a beautiful gateway which leads to an exquisite mosque and garden. All the buildings you mention are lovely, and make me want to go back to India immediately. You can fly to Bangalore or Hyderabad or Belgaum or travel to Belgaum by road from a city near it. I just feels good rolling off my tongue. As an architect, I appreciate very much this post. If you found this article interesting and enjoyed reading it, join our community and subscribe to Voyager's blog to receive great content delivered right to your inbox. Images of The Citadel. We subscribe to your blog He was buried near his spiritual teacher Hazrat Hashim peer Dastageer’s tomb. Completely agree. Indeed the dome is marvelous. the way you defined each and very thing was beautiful. Will have to research her. , India is so full of these stunning places… great post.. , http://taleof2backpackers.com/uttar-pradesh/bara-imambara-lucknow/. Even a slight whisper by someone standing in its gallery can be heard everywhere else in … The echo sound is really amusing! Gol Gumbaz (Kannada: ಗೋಲ ಗುಮ್ಮಟ, Urdu: گول گمبد) is the mausoleum of en:Mohammed Adil Shah (1627-55) of the en:Adil Shahi dynasty of Indian sultans, who ruled the Sultanate of … JigDave wrote a review Apr 2017. You write so beautifully, and I love your photos! Trust me I never thought Gol Gumbaz to be an interesting location but you have convinced me totally that I was stupid to think like that. At each of the four corners of the cube, is a dome-capped octagonal tower seven stories high with a staircase inside. Even a slight whisper by someone standing in its gallery can be heard everywhere else in the gallery, and if somebody claps, the sound of it echoes several times. I got complete information that i was searching for. Helpful. Historical cannon displayed in front of Gol Gumbaz, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Gol Gumbad on Archaeological Survey of India, The Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Listen to unique sound recordings in Gol Gumbad: acoustics described, Magnificent Architectural Features of Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gol_Gumbaz&oldid=993042663, Buildings and structures completed in 1659, Buildings and structures in Bijapur district, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2019, Articles needing additional references from September 2011, All articles needing additional references, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 14:11.

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