I’ve been searching for tips for hair chalking like a pro ever since my many failed attempts to chalk up my own hair. The fine print: Hair chalk will suck the moisture out of your hair, so definitely deep condition when you remove it. Take a chunk of hair and use your thumb to glide the chalk along the length of your hair. Step – 3. Try hair chalk, a wash-out color option that’s ideal for nights out, concerts, and beach vacations. Blondes may need to use a clarifying shampoo to get all of the color out. Tips for better results. It will teach you how to chalk your hair. Once you have created a wondrous hair chalk creation, you can simply wash it out with water and shampoo. You may leave your hair as it is after chalking or even go for some trendy hair styles. Brilliant. Clear out the hair knots before applying. Hair chalking. Wet the pastel. Hair chalk is a temporary hair color product that typically washes out within several shampoos. Wet the hair with your fingers. If you’re curious about adding a bright flash of color to your ‘do without any commitment, keep reading. Begin with dry hair at all times. Highlighting hair strands or dyeing only tips of hair looks best using DIY hair chalks. Draw on hair. To get the chalk to hold better, spray the ends of your hair with dry shampoo or texture spray. Brush your hair to remove knots before you begin. If 24 colours weren't enough, you can also combine all of these together to make a rainbow. Step 3: Get creative Hair chalking on dark black hair is a fun way to give strands an artistic, temporary color kick. To dye your hair in some perfect pastels, we have gathered all the necessary information for you. I got home and colored my tips only for the color to … The SYOSIN hair chalk comes with 24 different colours to bring your hair to life! How to Hair Chalk – Trial Run. Step – 4 Wet your hair to intensify the chalk’s pigment. If you have blonde hair, you can skip this step as your hair color is already lighter. Pastel pink hair is the stuff of unicorn dreams (seriously, three Marie Claire staffers have sported the style in recent months! Spray the ends of your hair with dry shampoo or texture spray to get the chalk to hold better. If you want a cool color in your hair, without being with stuck it for a long time, chalk is a great choice. What is hair chalk? Ensure to reach out to each hair strand, especially on the inner corners. Useful Tips for Best Results When Hair Chalk Applied. That’s it. Always start with dry hair. Pick one or more vibrant colors of soft pastel chalk from your local art supply. When Lauren Conrad posted a photo of her chalked hair, I ran out and bought pink hair chalk. While it is possible to purchase chalk especially produced for hair, sidewalk chalk will do the job just as well, as shown in this article. Vixen Hair Chalk – Great pastel colour set – Available from The Beauty Office. If you possess dark hair, dampen your hair so that the color stays better.

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