The first Perfume Genius that has really hooked itself into me. The album received critical acclaim upon release, with some critics calling it Hadreas' best work to date, praising its exploration of queer themes and homages to 80s pop and classic rock music. Cookies help us deliver our Services. At once heavy and light, earthbound and ethereal, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately features some of Hadreas’ most immediate music to date. Today is the long awaited release of Perfume Genius‘s fifth album called Set My Heart On Fire Immediately out on Matador Records. However, I listen to the album from start to finish every time, except when I play from Jason to Your body changes everything for six hours. “One More Try” has a 50s pop sensibility, almost doo wop in conception, if not construction. Without You is just so beautifully produced. There are no comments for this title yet. Apologies for the delay, but welcome back to the Album of the Year 2020 Write-Up Series (Day 5), where our users discuss some of their … I've listened to it every day for a week now. Another obvious standout. I agree it’s not as powerful as standouts like OTF, Jason, and without you, but the Spanish guitar break halfway through and the production overall make just as JUICY imo. Guaranteed … Set My Heart on Fire Immediately revels in the intricate refinement of Perfume Genius’ sound, dimming Hadreas’ neon-bright whims without sacrificing the beauty his arrangements. I think it could've been cut down to ~40 minutes long and only 9 or 10 tracks and have been a lot stronger overall. My first thought after finishing it was “...where on earth can he go from here?” It definitely feels like the culmination of everything before it. Everything Indie Music related; from the newest releases and news, to discussion on the history of alternative music. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is more theatrical and more direct than much of Perfume Genius' earlier work, and revels in the physicality of his music in inspired ways. The Best Damn Vinyl Me, Please Subreddit Out There - *Swap Time - 2pm PST*
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