Lassie season 4 episode guide on Issued by the Library of Congress, these volumes gave not only theatrical film titles, but episode titles to various television series, including Lassie. Lassie is an American television series that follows the adventures of a female Rough Collie dog named Lassie and her companions, both human and animal. The "Ranger years" end at the end of the 16th season. The computer club students help raise money for a new gym. At the opening of the 11th season, a job transfer sees the Martins moving to Australia and having to leave Lassie behind in the United States. # Title Airdate Director Writer 27 The Runt September 11 1955 Lesley Selander 28 The Pit September 18 1955 Lesley Selander 29 The Kittens September 25, 1955 30 The Dog Show October 2, 1955 Phil Ford II 31 The School October 19, 1955 Lesley Selander 32 The Violin October 16, 1955 Lesley Selander 33 The Monster October 23, 1955 Lesley Selander 34 The Witch October 30, 1955 Lesley Selander 35 … Maxwell also acted as the show's producer until 1957, when Jack Wrather … ... you guys need to put the new lassie back on the air. provided me titles for the 1968-1973 seasons from the book Television Drama Series Programming: A Comprehensive Chronicle by Larry James Gianakos (Scarecrow Press, 1992). A woman claims to be Lassie's true owner, but to Steve's shock is revealed to be part of his past as well. Add Image. Chris' new job is located on a former military shelling site that's supposed to have been cleared, but when Will, Megan and Lassie wander onto it they find themselves surrounded by still-live shells. The show was the creation of producer Robert Maxwell and animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax and was televised from September 12, 1954, to March 25, 1973. Rate. ... Gramps is both too habituated to his old ways and too fearful to use the new tractor he has won in a raffle until he must use it to rescue Jeff when the pickup with a load of timber is about to go over a cliff. its the new lassie series 1989. put it on. After accidentally getting locked in the back of a truck, Lassie finds herself lost in the city and must find her way home, befriending a runaway along the way. The new music was by Nathan Scott, whose distinctive style can be easily distinguished in the 1961 jet fighter movie, X-15. Rate. Lassie is a fictional character created by Eric Knight.She is a female Rough Collie dog, and is featured in a short story that was later expanded to a full-length novel called Lassie Come-Home.Knight's portrayal of Lassie bears some features in common with another fictional female collie of the same name, featured in the British writer Elizabeth Gaskell's 1859 short story "The Half Brothers". October 6, 1999. During the final two seasons (the "Holden Ranch years"), the show moved to first-run syndication, and Lassie was taken in by the caretakers of the Holden Ranch - a ranch for troubled children - where she settled in for the remainder of the series. Early in the 15th season, Stuart is badly injured in a forest fire, but Lassie remains with the forest service in the care of rangers Scott Turner (Jed Allan) and Bob Erickson (Jack De Mave). 2. This is a complete list of episodes of the Lassie television series. A boy in a wheelchair teaches Will and Lassie how to play basketball and also has a huge crush on Will's sister, Megan. Thinking that Lassie is crowding his chances, Megan's boyfriend locks Lassie in the McCullough's car during a major heat wave. With Wendy Cox, Will Estes, Christopher Stone, Dee Wallace. Watch full episodes of The New Lassie and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Watch all 39 Lassie episodes from season 3,view pictures, get episode information and more. The tone of many of the episodes changes as well, with an emphasis on … Chris and Dee McCullogh are upset the police officer is handing out fliers stating Halloween is dangerous and that children should remain at home, so they decide to conduct an old fashioned Halloween with all the block parents supervising. Rate. Lassie brings a stray dog home, and Dee accidentally gives it to a dog thief before the real owner arrives to claim it. The 591-episode series is generally broken into five parts, based on the ownership of Lassie. 1. Now Will must rescue his canine friend and Lassie must get help for the unconscious Steve. He would be the show's producer for the rest of its run. Tom Weinstein (thanks!) Ancient Indian relics originally uncovered by the McCulloughs are in danger of being stolen from the site, and Dee's archaeologist friend may be involved. Season 2, Episode 26. Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. In the first episode, Steve is accidentally shot by a deer hunter out of season. Season: OR . Rate. The notes for these episodes will contain spoilers! This is a complete list of episodes of the Lassie television series.Created by Robert Maxwell, Lassie premiered on CBS on September 12, 1954, where it aired for seventeen seasons, before moving to first run syndication for its final two seasons. Maxwell also acted as the show's producer until 1957, when Jack Wrather purchased the production company and show. 5. An earthquake knocks a live power line loose onto a building site's wire fence while Will is trapped on the wrong side. During the 17th season, the series becomes somewhat of an anthology, as Lassie is now (with no explanation) left alone without human caretakers, and she wanders from place to place, helping people and other animals as needed before moving on to her next destination. Once again she enters the homes of millions of viewers as she talks for the first time in a TV adventure series for children aged 6 to 9. The final episode of the series aired on March 24, 1973. The "Miller years" (Jeff's Collie) comprise the first three seasons of the series and part of the fourth, during which Lassie is owned by Jeff Miller (Tommy Rettig). Roddy Mcdowall makes his first guest appearance as Uncle Steve's friend. On a dare from a friend, Will agrees to spend a night in an abandoned house. New Girl is an American television sitcom that premiered on Fox on September 20, 2011. However, an unidentified man sets the house on fire and attacks Lassie. This is the last season to air originally on CBS. For generations, Lassie the beautiful collie has been known and loved by viewers all over the world. After a brief stay with family friend Cully Wilson, Lassie joins Corey Stuart (Robert Bray), a ranger with the United States Forestry Service. Chris, Will and Lassie do some investigating and learn that the cause may be linked to illegal chemical dumping. Lassie (also known as The New Adventures Of Lassie or Lassie and Friends) is an animated television series. The final episode of the series aired on March 24, 1973. Season: OR . The further adventures of the heroic Collie dog. When their teacher announces the computer program for the funds was hacked by someone in the class it's up to Lassie … It was produced by French animation studio SUPERPROD animation. More clips from The Hit List. Episode Recap The New Lassie on ... Stormzy's got some new fans... Kate Silverton and Anneka Rice! The season uses computer-animated characters in front of hand-drawn backgrounds. 6.3 (6) 0., Lists of American drama television series episodes, Lists of American children's television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Monroe Manning & Charles O'Neal (original story by, This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 17:11. Chris and Dee are off celebrating an anniversary, Will is at a friend's and Megan and Lassie are home when a boy accidentally crashes his motorcycle into the garage, but no one knows that the accident ruptured a gas pipe. The New Lassie is an American children and family oriented drama series which aired in first-run syndication from September 8, 1989 to February 15, 1992. Will and Lassie are trapped inside a closed store with a rattlesnake that's already bitten the owner, and there's no way to call for help. Real life husband and wife Christopher and Dee Wallace-Stone co-starred as Will's parents. [1], This is the last season to be produced in black-and-white, All episodes (season 12 and onwards) in color. The "Lassie Alone" year would be the series's last on CBS, which canceled the series in 1971 as part of the "rural purge" (a move to replace what was seen as rural/family based shows with what was deemed to be more urban centered, "socially relevant" programming). Lassie season 1 episode guide on Watch all 32 Lassie episodes from season 9,view pictures, get episode information and more. The "Martin years" (Timmy & Lassie) would run until 1964. In syndication, the episodes in which Lassie was paired with the Miller family were often aired under the name Jeff's Collie, while the years with the Martin family were sometimes aired under the name Timmy & Lassie.[2][3]. A miniature horse that Will is temporarily taking care of becomes the source of contention between the McCulloughs and a neighbor who's a local politician. "The Well" was filmed as one of the two original pilot episodes, along with episode 1 ("Inheritance"). The The New Lassie episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly. Incorrectly spelled as Summer Long in the endtitles. Season 10 guide for Lassie TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Track Lassie season 10 episodes. The series stars Will Estes (then using his real name of Will Nipper) as Will McCullough, Lassie's new master. Uncle Steve is shot by an over-eager hunter and Lassie is impounded for attacking the hunter. Episode 23. Laid up at home alone with an injured leg is not the safest place for Will to be when the McCullough house is targeted by a pair of neighborhood burglars. The McCulloughs visit a ghost town to find out more about Dee's Old West ancestor, but Will and Lassie wind up facing a modern-day outlaw. Watch all 40 Lassie episodes from season 4,view pictures, get episode information and more. He becomes an unwelcome and then surprising house guest of the McCulloughs. Rate. 9 Sep. 1989 Occurrence at Glen Ridge. The Lassie episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly. Year: Season 1. 4. It appears there is an 'unannounced' Season 2 with 26 new episodes as of January 2020. In the middle of the fourth season, the unexpected death of George Cleveland is mirrored in the show with the unexpected death of his character, "Gramps." As if in transition to next season, the classic Lassie music changed this season. Lassie helps an emotionally distant boy find a dog of his own. Year: ... Lassie comes to the rescue of a cantankerous neighbor who falls seriously ill. Add Image. First Season (1989-1990) "Occurrence at Glen Ridge" In the pilot for the series, Steve McCullough, unexpectedly visiting his family, is shot by a careless hunter while walking in the woods near Sand Point with his nephew's collie Lassie. S1, Ep1. The farm is then sold to the Martin family, which also adopts Ellen Miller's foster child, Timmy (Jon Provost), and Jeff gives Lassie to Timmy to help him cope. After Lassie wards off a dangerous wolf attack, Graham asks the kids to take care and avoid the park for the time being. Can you name this Jessie J song? Dee and Lassie are trapped by a storm inside an old house on the same day she receives some potentially devastating news from her doctor. Rate. [1] The series continued to air in rerun syndication (both on broadcast TV and cable), off and on, for another 50 years. Watch all 31 Lassie episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Megan and her friend mysteriously become sick after skinny-dipping in a stream. Lassie's original owner arrives to take her back from Timmy. The Hit List — Series 3, Episode 5. Zooey Deschanel stars as Jessica "Jess" Day, a well-liked and bubbly woman who is trying to get over her surprise breakup with her boyfriend. Episode List. Watch The New Lassie episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. At a party, Will is the intended target of a practical joke, but the joke turns serious when both he and the joker are trapped beneath a crumbling structure. 3. Uncle Steve returns and takes Megan and Will hang-gliding, but when the glider crashes with Steve and Will aboard, Lassie and Megan must find a way to save them. The New Lassie is an American children and family oriented drama series which aired in first-run syndication from September 8, 1989 to February 15, 1992. Created by Robert Maxwell, Lassie premiered on CBS on September 12, 1954, where it aired for seventeen seasons, before moving to first run syndication for its final two seasons. The New Lassie (1989–1992) Episode List. At the court hearing Will and Lassie both give their testimony. Dee wants to spend a fun weekend with daughter Megan while Will and Lassie team up with a school prankster. Lassie season 3 episode guide on The New Lassie (TV Series 1989–1992) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. This is the first season to air in first-run syndication. Lassie season 9 episode guide on [2], In syndication, these seasons were often retitled to Timmy and Lassie.

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