You’ll have more uses for a thickness planer than you would for a jointer. Jointer vs Planer. In this article, we provide a jointer vs. planer comparison that examines the differences and the pros and cons of both tools. The machine actually “transforms” from one machine to the other. There is often a bit of confusion between the functions of the two machines, and some question as to whether they can be used interchangeably. Both of these WEN thickness planers are available for a lower price point compared to some of the other planers in the same product range. The jointer or planer. What this simply means is you would have to spend additional time working with the planer … I'm in a bit of a perdicament. A jointer and planer help me to get wood ready for a project quicker than I can do with a handplane. Leon Liu No Comments. The truth is that it isn’t one. Combination jointer/planers have shorter beds than stand-alone jointers, so working with boards longer than 6' on the 12" machines and 4' on the 10" model can be cumbersome. I bought the 8” model with carbide cutters, the black coated table, and the extensions. However, they both do so by performing a task the other cannot accomplish. Benchtop jointer with spiral cutterhead - Cutech offers quality affordable benchtop jointers for your woodworking projects, including 8-inch jointers and 6-inch jointers. A jointer can also be called a jointer plane, as it is a type of planer tool. We all know how expensive these tools are! So if it has 12″ blades on it, you have a 12″ jointer in one mode, and a 12″ planer in the other. Differences Between Jointer and Planer. Shop the best benchtop planers at Cutech today! If you approach as that, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It adds to the confusion especially for those new to the field. Whereas, a planer is a thicknesser and the planer can easily thick board and makes it thinner. Craftsman has caller their jointer a planer for a long time. March 16, 2020 Spiral Cutter or Straight Blade Cutter: Is There a Difference? Both are amazing woodwork tools that will make a valuable contribution in the workshop. The operations aren’t interchangeable between the two machines. The spiral cutterhead provides easier knife changes and lower noise volumes than the straight knife cutterhead, so you can efficiently make the boards uniform in thickness. Advertiser Disclosure. A planer works from the top of the board and will make that straight and flat board an even or constant thickness. The combination jointer/planer is a popular machine in Europe due to its small footprint. The spiral cutterhead provides easier knife changes and lower noise volumes than the straight knife cutterhead, so you can efficiently make the boards' face and edge straight and true. X. Jointer-Planer Combo. After running 300+ boards through this jointer I can only say one thing, it is an amazing bench top jointer. Jointer vs. Planer. I was a little leery of a benchtop 8” jointer being powerful enough but it proved my doubts wrong. Jointer vs. planer. Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. What's the difference between a planer and a jointer? In recent However, the jointer or planer tools are the best when it comes to resizing, squaring or milling lumber pieces. I … I do love to use my handplanes and do almost everyday I am in the shop. Three ways to flatten your slab, and which method is best. Jointer Planer Combination vs Separate. Planer vs jointer I've seen a couple YouTubes that say I'd you can only get one, get a planer. Jointer vs. Planer - Main Difference. The jointer vs planer argument has been making some headlines lately and i want to tell you what i actually think. Benchtop planer with spiral cutterhead - Cutech offers quality affordable benchtop planers for your woodworking projects, including 12½ - inch planers and 13-inch planers. :yes: A brief explanation: A jointer works from the bottom of the work, can make an uneven board straight and flat. Struggling to choose between Jointer vs planer? At the end of this piece, you should be able to choose the tool that will provide the highest value for your workshop between the jointer and the planer. If you ask me, I’d say you should get the thickness planer first, if you can only afford one at a time. A jointer and planer are mechanically similar; a set of knives that is powered by a motor, whirling away and removing stock from the surface as a board is fed through.. About Princy Vargas. One of the first things that stands out with this thickness planer is the sticker price. Discover what separates jointers vs planers are so you could recognize which tool is best for your wood projects! A jointer creates a flat surface on wood, and jointer can be used to correct bow and warp on one side of a board at a time. However, when you are first starting out, your budget may not allow for buying both. The Jet JWP-13BT Helical-Style Benchtop Planer is a good planer for a small workshop or for a remote job site. March 13, 2020. Your email address will not be published. This jointer planer combo machine comes with a smaller base that can limit the type and size of boards you use with it because that base cannot support heavier or larger pieces, but that lightweight station makes it easy to move the tool when needed. Planer vs. Jointer: What Are the Differences? September 20, 2017. When I was trying to understand the difference between a jointer and planer, it finally clicked when someone explained it like this: If you have a piece of true rough cut wood, it has no straight edge.

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